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5 Habits to Avoid It, To Keep Breast Toned

Want to Remain Toned Breasts? 5 Habits to Avoid It

Breast shape is going to change with age. There are several hormonal triggers that cause breast forms drops or sagging, such as pregnant and all skin conditions associated with a decrease in collagen and elastic tissue in the skin so that the impact on the firmness or laxity of the skin.

Genetic factors are also noted to be the cause of breast shape change. Call it if your mother has a pair of breasts taut and round, most likely you will be awarded the same exact shape of the breast.

5 Habits to Avoid It, To Keep Breast Toned

Unfortunately, a number of bad habits cause sagging breasts so also occupies a major factor of the conditions experienced by many women. Similarly, as expressed in a recent UCLA study that found that two out of three in the breast tissue will be two times faster than the overall aging of the body. Here are five habits that unknowingly could be the cause of sagging breasts.

Diet pattern fall apart

Got a body weight tends to go up or down which lead you to an excess or shortage of 5 kilograms will have direct impact on the shape of the breast. Because the tissue within the breast tissue will be less inclined vulnerable kekendurannya, as stated by Michael Edwards, MD, plastic surgery expert and President of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


Impact of smoking on breast health is enormous. Even if you do not smoke, cigarette smoke and age will inhibit blood flow to the surface of the breast. It is conceivable, if coupled with the habit of smoking is very bad for the health of the vital organs.

Forgot applying sunscreen

Exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet rays without protection, such as wearing sunscreen, will accelerate the arrival of the aging process of the skin in the breast area. Early frown lines and sagging skin will soon occur that indicate damage at once reduced collagen breast area.

Wearing a bra that does not fit the size and shape of the breast

As expensive and as famous as any product label bra you wear, but if the shape, size, model, until the position is not the right bra is worn, it will make the breasts become loose. Use sports bra when you go to the gym to keep the shape of the breast remains in place.

"The form of improper bra breast prop will suppress breast skin and affect the oxygen supply as well as the levels of collagen in it. Do not get used to buy a bra size models and make sure that they haphazardly without breast yours. Ask the experts to choose the right bra models," said Michael.

Sports are too hard

Researchers in America say, if the body workout that apply repetitive movements in rapid tempo will lead to the condition of reduced collagen in the breast area.

This benefits of climb trees to the brain

Climb trees very beneficial for the brain

Often prohibit children when playing with climbing trees? Maybe you'll change your mind after knowing the results of research conducted at University of North Florida.

The results showed that those who like to climb trees will have a better memory than those who do not. Research focused on dynamic proprioceptively activities.

benefits of climb trees to the brain, benefits of, climb trees, brain
climbing trees | images from google

Proprioception is the ability to sense the position and movement of the body. This activity also saw a person's motor skills.

The study involved adults aged 18-59 to perform activities such as climbing trees, walking barefoot, and walked pursue a balance beam. Researchers checked the memory in the brain before and after the activity.

Two hours later, they were conducting climb trees to climb beam has an increased memory capacity of up to 50 percent. While those who do not perform these activities, the level of memory in the brain does not change.

According to researchers, the higher the memory capacity of the memory or a person, it would be better to process the information received by the brain.

Study author Ross Alloway rate, take the time to do the unexpected activities such as climbing trees, can improve memory and perform better in the classroom for the children and in the work space for adults.

Therefore, no need to over forbid children who like to play around with climbing trees. Parents can conduct surveillance.

You Stress? Try Activity Coloring

Coloring activities can reduce stress

Coloring activities just for kids? Not really. These days, adults in various cities in the United States do coloring activities as a way to reduce stress.

Jason Abrams (30), is a financial manager in New York. Almost every day he chased anxiety and hectic schedule. Abrams felt he needed activities that could make it more relaxed.

About 8 years ago, he became interested in coloring as a way to relax. Abrams even transmit the new craze to friends office.

Benefits of coloring activity, Benefits of, coloring activity

Benefits of coloring activity

Benefits coloring activity that is not only relaxing, but also motor skills and the brain to be more focused.

Coloring actually benefits already known to experts since 1900. Psychiatric Carl Jung, founder analitk psychology, suggest coloring for patients to be more calm and focused. Doctors in modern times also follow Jung way for patients.

According to Michaelis Dr.Ben clinical psychologist, coloring will enable the logical part of the brain and encourage creative mindset.

"It's because of this activity is at the center of the brain, the amygdala, part of the brain involves our fear response and give effect to relax. The longer the soothing effect," said Michaelis.

He not only suggested activities for patients, but routinely do with his family. "We did it on Friday after a hectic week," he said.

This coloring trend gradually spread to several cities. Even in some bookstores, coloring books for adults selling purchased. Some communities are also growing coloring.

Abrams also compare coloring activities with his feelings after doing yoga. According to him, the coloring activity not only makes the stress is reduced, but also makes it like a child again, more free, at least for a while.

Avoid the Green Tea During Pregnancy

Is it safe if green tea consumed by pregnant women?

Besides green tea tastes delicious, too often consumed because the women to help lose weight. In addition, green tea does not undergo much oxidation process, so that the content and antioxidant benefits are still very high. But, Is it safe if green tea consumed by pregnant women?

Actually, green tea scent safely consumed by pregnant women, just not allowed to enjoy it too much and often. Even contain high antioxidants, consumption of excessive and often can make pregnant women at risk for pregnancy problems.

Avoid the Green Tea During Pregnancy

Some disorders experienced by pregnant women who consume green tea, among other things:

1. Caffeine get into the placenta
If the intake of caffeine in the body is too high, then the caffeine will enter into the blood circulation. Thus, caffeine can get into the placenta. Your baby's metabolism is not mature enough to be able to "process" of caffeine so that it will become poison in the baby's body.

2. Influence of folic acid levels
Increased consumption of green tea was able to affect the levels of folic acid in the body. Folic acid deficiency can cause neural tube defects in babies.

3. Low Baby weight
Green tea contains 20-50 mg of caffeine per serving, depending on the variety. The high caffeine per serving will affect the baby's weight. If pregnant women consuming too much tea, the baby will be at risk of having a low body weight.

4. Increasing levels of caffeine
Many obstetricians recommend to reduce the levels of caffeine in the body, to reduce blood pressure. Typically, pregnant women reduce caffeine by reducing copies. In fact, green tea also contains caffeine at moderate levels. So pregnant women also need to limit their intake of green tea in a day.

5. Affect the absorption of iron
Too much green tea can affect your health because it can reduce the absorption of iron is obtained from the consumption of meat and vegetables. It is quite dangerous because actually when pregnant, you need a lot of iron for growing children and also your health.

6. Dehydration
Caffeine is a diuretic in the body, so that increased consumption of green tea makes you urinate frequently, and eventually the body become dehydrated. If not matched by drinking water that is quite a lot, you will experience severe dehydration.

4 Signs of Being Lonely People

Loneliness can increase the risk of depression and death.

Is it because we just broke up with a boyfriend, apart from the family, moving to a new town or a new office, loneliness is hard to avoid in life.

Actually, loneliness is a normal thing, but lonely too long can affect the mental and physical health. In fact, according to a study, loneliness can increase the risk of depression and death.

Many people who consider loneliness means alone. In fact, quite a lot of people who still feel lonely in a crowd. To find out if you feel lonely or not, know the signs of the following:

4 Signs of Being Lonely People

1. Spend time to watch
Do you often spend time watching television series most of the day? A study showed that people who feel lonely are frequently spend time to watch.

2. Difficulties are in social situations
In a series of experiments, professor Megan L Knowles found that lonely people may have a good understanding of social skills, but they feel depressed and confused how to behave in the real world.

3. At present itself perceived as lonely
Feeling lonely is very different to what we feel when it takes time to themselves or perform "me time". Precisely take time for yourself has many benefits.

If you find it difficult to sleep, hit by anxiety, depression, or can not be away from the television and social media when alone, chances are you are lonely.

4. Active in social media
A study from the University of Michigan found that we will be more active on social media when you feel lonely. Although social media is not causing us lonely, look at the lives of others in the timeline we sometimes actually cause unhappiness.

So, rather than directly open social media when you are lonely, try to do the face-to-face or telephone interactions with someone you love.

Drugs for Lowering Triglycerides

There New Drugs for Lowering Triglycerides

A drug that is being tested successfully lowering triglyceride levels significantly. In fact, so far there has been no successful drugs do.

Drugs for Lowering TriglyceridesTriglycerides are a form of blood fats such as cholesterol. Triglycerides produced from the food we eat everyday. In high amounts, triglycerides can cause heart problems and inflammation of the pancreas.

"Treatment for lowering triglyceride levels is highly desirable. With this new drug is promising as an effective therapy," said Dr.Joseph Witzum, a pharmacist from the University of California, San Diego.

The new drug, called ISIS 304 801, capable of lowering triglyceride levels up to 71 percent without uncomfortable side effects. Similarly, according to research results.

High triglyceride levels can be caused by genetic factors, smoking, drinking alcohol, and high-carbohydrate eating patterns.

Normal triglyceride levels are less than 150 mg/dL. However, some people have high levels, is associated with insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, had a history of high cholesterol and other disorders.

Metabolic syndrome is a combination of hypertension, high cholesterol, high blood sugar levels, and excess weight.

If we do a blood test, we can determine levels of bad cholesterol (LDL), good cholesterol (HDL), and triglycerides.

Therapies currently recommended doctors to lower triglyceride levels is a healthy diet and taking niaspan (also called nicotinic acid). A drug currently is, for example TriCor, can also lower triglycerides, but it did not work in some patients.

ISIS 304 801 drug works by targeting a protein, called apolipoprotin C-III, which slows the breakdown of triglycerides. This medicine will accelerate the breakdown of triglycerides so removed body fat faster.

In the early stages, the drug is tested on 57 patients who had trilgiserida levels between 350-2000 mg / dL. They were divided into two groups, there are 304 801 who received ISIS drug and placebo for 13 weeks.

As a result, patients who received the drug ISIS 304 801 decreased triglyceride levels between 31-71 percent. This is a two-stage trial of three phases required by the US authorities.

7 Important Facts about Hepatitis B

7 Things About Hepatitis B, What We Need To Know

Hepatitis B is an infectious disease caused by infection with hepatitis B virus (HBV) and bad for liver health. Hepatitis can be spread from one person to another through blood, body fluids, and wound.

Unfortunately, the disease is often unrecognized sufferers, because it did not cause symptoms. Thus, the transmission was unknown. Hence also, hepatitis B is called the silent killer. If not quickly treated, the disease can lead to death.

Hepatitis B

Coinciding with World Hepatitis Day which falls today (28 July), public awareness about the disease was expected to continue to rise. Here are interesting facts about hepatitis B you need to know as quoted from boldsky.com.

  1. Every one minute one person in the whole world dies, as infected with Hepatitis B. Infected HBV can lead to cirrhosis, liver cancer, to liver failure.

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  2. Many people do not know has been infected with HBV. As a result, transmission of this disease continue to occur. HBV can infect others through contact of open wounds to unprotected sex.
  3. HBV is 10 times more contagious than HIV. In fact, HBV can be spread 100 times faster than HIV.
  4. If treatment is not given on time, HBV can kill the victim because of liver damage. It is one of the dangerous facts about hepatitis B.
  5. Pregnant women infected with HBV can transmit the virus to her baby. To that end, it is important for pregnant women to test hepatitis B.

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  6. Hepatitis B (HBV) can be prevented with vaccines. Vaccine must be done to prevent the transmission of HBV more.
  7. Symptoms of hepatitis include fever, jaundice, fatigue, abdominal pain, and nausea. The problem is, these symptoms often do not realize the sufferer.