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Want to prevent mouth cancer? Eating broccoli!

Unique facts, broccoli can prevent mouth cancer

According to a recent study, the therapy which uses extracts of broccoli can protect you from mouth cancer.

broccoli can prevent mouth cancer, broccoli, mouth cancer
broccoli can prevent mouth cancer ©2015 pixabay/PDPics

"People who are recovering from head and neck cancer is still at high risk for cancer again in their mouth or throat, and unfortunately, this is a potentially fatal type of cancer," said researcher Julie Bauman of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute in the United States.

Julie says that she and her team are developing therapies that are made from natural molecules found in vegetables - to protect the lining of the mouth, where the cancer is formed.

Previous research showed that vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage, has a high concentration of sulforaphane, which can help reduce the harmful effects of environmental carcinogens.

As part of the study, mice prone to mouth cancer were given sulforaphane for several months. Then the researchers found that the number of tumors and the spread of cancer cells is reduced.

The researchers then tested on 10 volunteers, by giving them fruit juice mixed with extracts from broccoli sprouts rich in sulforaphane.

The participants did not experience the negative effects of this extract, the researchers detect any changes in the lining of their mouth protector, which means that the extract has been absorbed and directed to heal tissue.

The researchers now plan to conduct a clinical trial involving 40 participants, who have been treated for head and neck cancer. The participants will be given capsules containing powdered broccoli, to determine whether they can tolerate such treatment or not, and whether the drug had a great impact on the lining of their mouths - to prevent cancer. After that, larger clinical trials will be conducted.

The discovery that broccoli can prevent these cancers were presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


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