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You Stress? Try Activity Coloring

Coloring activities can reduce stress

Coloring activities just for kids? Not really. These days, adults in various cities in the United States do coloring activities as a way to reduce stress.

Jason Abrams (30), is a financial manager in New York. Almost every day he chased anxiety and hectic schedule. Abrams felt he needed activities that could make it more relaxed.

About 8 years ago, he became interested in coloring as a way to relax. Abrams even transmit the new craze to friends office.

Benefits of coloring activity, Benefits of, coloring activity

Benefits of coloring activity

Benefits coloring activity that is not only relaxing, but also motor skills and the brain to be more focused.

Coloring actually benefits already known to experts since 1900. Psychiatric Carl Jung, founder analitk psychology, suggest coloring for patients to be more calm and focused. Doctors in modern times also follow Jung way for patients.

According to Michaelis Dr.Ben clinical psychologist, coloring will enable the logical part of the brain and encourage creative mindset.

"It's because of this activity is at the center of the brain, the amygdala, part of the brain involves our fear response and give effect to relax. The longer the soothing effect," said Michaelis.

He not only suggested activities for patients, but routinely do with his family. "We did it on Friday after a hectic week," he said.

This coloring trend gradually spread to several cities. Even in some bookstores, coloring books for adults selling purchased. Some communities are also growing coloring.

Abrams also compare coloring activities with his feelings after doing yoga. According to him, the coloring activity not only makes the stress is reduced, but also makes it like a child again, more free, at least for a while.


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