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4 Signs of Being Lonely People

Loneliness can increase the risk of depression and death.

Is it because we just broke up with a boyfriend, apart from the family, moving to a new town or a new office, loneliness is hard to avoid in life.

Actually, loneliness is a normal thing, but lonely too long can affect the mental and physical health. In fact, according to a study, loneliness can increase the risk of depression and death.

Many people who consider loneliness means alone. In fact, quite a lot of people who still feel lonely in a crowd. To find out if you feel lonely or not, know the signs of the following:

4 Signs of Being Lonely People

1. Spend time to watch
Do you often spend time watching television series most of the day? A study showed that people who feel lonely are frequently spend time to watch.

2. Difficulties are in social situations
In a series of experiments, professor Megan L Knowles found that lonely people may have a good understanding of social skills, but they feel depressed and confused how to behave in the real world.

3. At present itself perceived as lonely
Feeling lonely is very different to what we feel when it takes time to themselves or perform "me time". Precisely take time for yourself has many benefits.

If you find it difficult to sleep, hit by anxiety, depression, or can not be away from the television and social media when alone, chances are you are lonely.

4. Active in social media
A study from the University of Michigan found that we will be more active on social media when you feel lonely. Although social media is not causing us lonely, look at the lives of others in the timeline we sometimes actually cause unhappiness.

So, rather than directly open social media when you are lonely, try to do the face-to-face or telephone interactions with someone you love.


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