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This benefits of climb trees to the brain

Climb trees very beneficial for the brain

Often prohibit children when playing with climbing trees? Maybe you'll change your mind after knowing the results of research conducted at University of North Florida.

The results showed that those who like to climb trees will have a better memory than those who do not. Research focused on dynamic proprioceptively activities.

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Proprioception is the ability to sense the position and movement of the body. This activity also saw a person's motor skills.

The study involved adults aged 18-59 to perform activities such as climbing trees, walking barefoot, and walked pursue a balance beam. Researchers checked the memory in the brain before and after the activity.

Two hours later, they were conducting climb trees to climb beam has an increased memory capacity of up to 50 percent. While those who do not perform these activities, the level of memory in the brain does not change.

According to researchers, the higher the memory capacity of the memory or a person, it would be better to process the information received by the brain.

Study author Ross Alloway rate, take the time to do the unexpected activities such as climbing trees, can improve memory and perform better in the classroom for the children and in the work space for adults.

Therefore, no need to over forbid children who like to play around with climbing trees. Parents can conduct surveillance.


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