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5 Habits to Avoid It, To Keep Breast Toned

Want to Remain Toned Breasts? 5 Habits to Avoid It

Breast shape is going to change with age. There are several hormonal triggers that cause breast forms drops or sagging, such as pregnant and all skin conditions associated with a decrease in collagen and elastic tissue in the skin so that the impact on the firmness or laxity of the skin.

Genetic factors are also noted to be the cause of breast shape change. Call it if your mother has a pair of breasts taut and round, most likely you will be awarded the same exact shape of the breast.

5 Habits to Avoid It, To Keep Breast Toned

Unfortunately, a number of bad habits cause sagging breasts so also occupies a major factor of the conditions experienced by many women. Similarly, as expressed in a recent UCLA study that found that two out of three in the breast tissue will be two times faster than the overall aging of the body. Here are five habits that unknowingly could be the cause of sagging breasts.

Diet pattern fall apart

Got a body weight tends to go up or down which lead you to an excess or shortage of 5 kilograms will have direct impact on the shape of the breast. Because the tissue within the breast tissue will be less inclined vulnerable kekendurannya, as stated by Michael Edwards, MD, plastic surgery expert and President of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


Impact of smoking on breast health is enormous. Even if you do not smoke, cigarette smoke and age will inhibit blood flow to the surface of the breast. It is conceivable, if coupled with the habit of smoking is very bad for the health of the vital organs.

Forgot applying sunscreen

Exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet rays without protection, such as wearing sunscreen, will accelerate the arrival of the aging process of the skin in the breast area. Early frown lines and sagging skin will soon occur that indicate damage at once reduced collagen breast area.

Wearing a bra that does not fit the size and shape of the breast

As expensive and as famous as any product label bra you wear, but if the shape, size, model, until the position is not the right bra is worn, it will make the breasts become loose. Use sports bra when you go to the gym to keep the shape of the breast remains in place.

"The form of improper bra breast prop will suppress breast skin and affect the oxygen supply as well as the levels of collagen in it. Do not get used to buy a bra size models and make sure that they haphazardly without breast yours. Ask the experts to choose the right bra models," said Michael.

Sports are too hard

Researchers in America say, if the body workout that apply repetitive movements in rapid tempo will lead to the condition of reduced collagen in the breast area.


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