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Using wet wipes after pee, it is not healthy?

Wet wipes unhealthy, to be used to clean sex organs

Wet wipes are typically used for the baby after urination and defecation. But this time it seems a lot of adults who do the same way to clean up their sex organs after urination. Wet wipes are considered more hygienic and refreshing, and makes intimate area does not smell because of the scent on wet wipes.

Using wet wipes after pee, it is not healthy

But the researchers warned everyone not necessarily use wet wipes to clean the intimate area after defecation. The researcher explains that the actual wet wipes, no more hygienic and no better than dry toilet paper.

"There is no additional health benefits that can be offered by a wet tissue in adults compared with the usual toilet paper," said Holly Philips, a specialist in women's health and a contributor at CBS News, as reported by Women's Health Mag.

Holly found many people choose wet wipes, because it feels more clean and fresh for sex organs. But many people should be wary of chemicals contained in products wet wipes, which they use. Chemical substances that seem harmless such as vitamin E, aloe vera, and the alcohol contained in the wet tissue can also cause irritation, redness, burning sensation, and itching of the intimate parts.

"Better to choose wet wipes odorless, contains no drugs, and chemicals," she explained.

In addition, the more important is knowing how to properly wipe sex organs. The best way is to wipe from front to back to prevent bacteria from the anus of the urethra and cause infections. Also, do not wipe or rub too hard because it can cause irritation.

Clean the sex organs and anus with very clean because dirt left behind can cause itching and irritation. Additionally, you should not dispose of toilet tissue or wipes down the toilet, as this can cause blockages. Although packing wet wipes wrote that the tissue can be discharged into the toilet, but do not do this.

Using wet wipes to clean the intimate areas is fine, but do not arbitrarily select wet wipes. Make sure the used wet wipes do not contain harmful chemicals.


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