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Benefits of Eating Fish Routinely

Benefits of Eating Fish Routinely

Researchers around the world have found that eating fish regularly (one or two servings a week) can reduce the risk of diseases ranging from childhood asthma to prostate cancer.

Fish low in fat, high in protein and a source of omega-3 fatty acids Regular consumption of fish can reduce the risk of various diseases and health problems.

Listen to continue following article cited Medindia to know what disease risks can be reduced by consuming fish

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Asthma - children who frequently eat fish at risk for developing asthma is lower when compared with children who rarely eat fish.

Brain and eyes - fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids can contribute to the health, brain tissue and the retina (the light sensitive tissue lining the inner surface of the eye).

Cancer - omega 3 fatty acids in fish may reduce the risk of various cancers by 30 to 50 percent, especially from, oral cavity esophagus, colon, ovarian, breast, and prostate.

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Heart Disease - Eating fish regularly can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke by reducing blood clotting and inflammation, increasing the elasticity of blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fats and increase 'good' cholesterol.

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Dementia - Parents who eat fish or seafood at least once a week have a lower risk of dementia and Alzheimer's.

Depression - people who regularly eat fish have a lower risk of depression (depression is associated with low levels of omega 3 fatty acids in the brain).

Diabetes - fish may help diabetics regulate their blood sugar levels.

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Sight - Babies who are fed breast milk from mothers who eat fish have better eyesight, possibly due to omega-3 fatty acids contained fish supplied through breast milk.

Inflammation - regular fish consumption may relieve the symptoms of arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and autoimmune diseases.

Prematurity - Eating fish during pregnancy can help reduce the risk of premature birth.


So, from now on to regularly consume the fish in order to get the health benefits of fish for your body!


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