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Chewing marshmallow to relieve sore throat

 Relieve sore throat with marshmallow

Disease sore throat accompanied by a fever or a cold is a type of disease that can easily be found at any time does not depend on the season. Yes, the combination of the disease can infect anyone, especially for those who have a low immune system but have a myriad of activities.
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Sometimes accompanying fever is actually caused due to an infection in your throat. Usually the doctor will give you a prescription in the form of antibiotics are used to kill bacteria that cause sore throat. However reported by dailymail.co.uk apparently there an easy way that you can try to cure a sore throat. The way it is with chewing marshmallow.

The content of gelatin in this sweet snack, which was considered by health experts were able to relieve the irritation and pain because of a sore throat. "Only by taking 3-4 pieces of marshmallow every day, then the disease sore throat you can gradually disappear," wrote the study.

Apparently there are a lot of natural materials around you that you can use as a medicine of all kinds of ailments you. And of course, such treatment will be minimal side effects. It's up to you just want to try it or not.


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